We designed Manatt Business Select on the simple premise that the whole of your business is more than the sum of its transactions. We find our satisfaction in watching your business grow and thrive, and helping make that happen as your trusted advisor. We know we succeed only if you succeed. We build our client relationships on two key commitments:

Personalized Advice. We know we work for you, not just on an abstract project or another impersonal transaction. Each business has its own strengths and challenges, its own risk profile and tolerance, and its own history and goals. To maximize your success, we must know your needs and aspirations and tailor our advice to them. To do so, we created a different business structure: we rely on experience, not leverage; continuity, not interchangeable lawyers.

Proactive Involvement. Like preventive medicine, we know that early involvement in your decision allows us to provide more value at less cost. Planning ahead for major transactions can save millions of dollars, whether from tax planning, accounting, structuring or packaging your business. At the same time, we also know that you can only involve us if we work out creative ways to serve you efficiently. For example, we offer a program where you can call one of our seasoned business lawyers whenever you want our impression of your challenges and plans, and pay only an agreed-upon monthly retainer. And, if you decide that you need more in-depth work, we only proceed with what you agree on.

Managing Risk, Enabling Profit.
Unlike many lawyers, we don't tell you what you have to do, we help you understand what you can do. For many lawyers, saying "no" is always the easy answer: it's hard to make a mistake when the client doesn't do anything. Unfortunately, that makes it impossible for the client to make any money. Business is about making and seizing opportunities: every course of action has uncertainty. We understand that the key to business success is managing risk, not avoiding it.

Manatt Business Select advisors will keep your business goals in mind to find approaches that give you the freedom and flexibility to succeed. We strive to use our experience to maximize your opportunities without adding cumbersome layers of legal compliance costs. By seeing through the legal issues to the business realities, we strive to give legal advice that creatively achieves your key objectives.

Great legal advice does not just protect you, it empowers you.

In creating Manatt Business Select, we recognize that any legal "solution" that costs too much is no solution at all.

Predictability. You don't want surprises, and neither do we. When possible, in matters such as creating form contracts, compliance reviews, public company reporting and other routine advice, we work for a fixed fee. In negotiations and other unpredictable situations, we use realistic budgets and prompt billing to maximize your peace of mind.

Continuity. You don't want to pay in time, money and quality of advice for a series of faceless specialists, each hyperfocused on a small aspect of the problem. Instead, we invest in learning about your business and building a cohesive and continuous team of professionals to nurture trust and confidence.

Effectiveness. You need your legal costs to be justified by the results. By discussing your costs up front, we help match what we do with the potential benefits to you. And because we learn your business, we help you craft a cost-effective approach to your legal needs.

Value. You want to know how you can succeed, not just how you can avoid failure. By focusing on your goals, we design ways both to mitigate your risk and to maximize your opportunities.